Blog Awards!

OK, I admit...I am terrible at picking up these awards.  Thank you to all the wonderful and talented ladies for thinking about me and passing these awards on to me.  Your blogs are very inspirational and your kind words are very encouraging.  Thank you ladies.  :)  Here are the awards that I received and a link to the talented ladies that passed them on...

 Lisa from A Mermaid's Craft,  Carissa from Happily Ever Paper Crafter and Tiffany from Sparkled Memories passed on The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award on to me.  

Mary from Mary's Crafty Scraps passed on the Cricut-tastic Award.  

I received the Stylish Blogger Award from Kirsten at Kris' Craft Coop.  

Alley from Alley Cat's Corner passed on the Versatile Blogger Award.

Judy from Crafty JAR passed on A Thing of Beauty Award.

OK, random things about me...hmmm, let's see:
  1. I absolutely love and adore children.
  2. I love to capture the everyday moments of our lives.
  3. I love to read but seldom find time to do so.
  4. Family time is extremely important to me.
  5. I truly have a hard time dealing with my kids growing up so fast.
  6. I am an organizational freak...simply cannot think if I'm not organized. 
Listing things about me is hard but having to choose among so many talented bloggers is much harder.  I will pass these awards on to the followers listed below.  Here are the links to their blogs...
Please check out these blogs to find some great inspiration.


  1. Thanks so much Arlene! I loved learning more about you too. I am definitely the same as you so many of your little things about yourself!

  2. Arlene you just made me cry....You are so sweet...I was truly touched by the way you described how you felt about these awards and then I finish reading it and find that you have included me on your list to pass these along...Thank you so much for thinking of me...You are very special!

  3. Hi Arlene, congrats on your blog awards! I feel the same way and am honored to receive them but have a harder time picking them up and passing them on, maybe it's part of that unmotivated funk that I've been in. And yes, blogger has been really giving me fits lately, very frustrating. Thank you for visiting my blog, for the comments and the award. :)

  4. thankyou Arlene! Your blog definately deserves these awards as your cards are so inspiring and beautiful! I agree with the comment about not being able to deal with your kids growing up too fast. I feel exactly the same way and am treasuring every moment now while they are still young.


  5. Your blog and work sure deserves all these beautiful awards. Well done, Arlene! And thanks so much for the awards for my blog and also for visiting my blog :)

  6. Thank you for the sweet award, Arlene! I really appreciate it! Congrats to you on all the awards and thanks for all the inspiration you pass on!

  7. You're too sweet, Arlene! Thank you! :) Although we've only "known" each other a short while in blogland, I can tell that you have such a big heart! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your awards. You definitely deserve each and every one. :)

  8. Thanks for all the awards Arlene!! That is so sweet of you to think of me:)
    Sherrie K

  9. You're so sweet and don't worry, I'm so terrible with these too! I truly appreciate them but you know! You deserve each one of them! Thank you for sharing them with me! I love to learn more about everyone! I have OCD problems in my craft space (well in every space of my home really) but I have to clean off and organize my my table after every project or I can't move on and think about the task at hand! It's good in a sense but hard to do when you have little tornados running through the house! I would still keep them this age forever if I could, destructive mode and all! Thanks again Arlene!

  10. Thanks so much, Arlene! I, too, have a hard time picking fav inspirational blogs... There are just too many!!


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